Venieri put in place multiple International OEM agreements to raise the bar. They went on to install the first hydrostatic transmission in an earth-moving machine, added more horsepower to their loaders, patented the world’s first electric backhoe loader, and produced the first electric front wheel loader.

8.63 TL

Telescoping Arm Max Power 143HP
Max Load Height 18'
Weight 18,000lb
Max Speed 25 mph


"Z" bar linkage
Max Power 106HP
Breakout Force 15,200lb
Static Tipping Load 10,900lb
Weight 18,700lb
Max Digging Depth 15'
Max Speed 25 mph


Parallel Linkage Max Power 52 HP
Breakout Force 5,600lb
Static Tipping Load 3,300lb
Weight 8,800lb
Max Speed 12 mph
Max Digging Depth 9'


"Z" Bar linkage 50HP Max Power
Breakout Force 10,400lb
Tipping Load 5,900lb
Weight 10,600lb

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